Outline of DUPC

 New areas in information technology such as sensor networks and cloud computing are progressing rapidly in today’s business world. As a result, the computing environments capable of collecting and storing these varied kinds of new information are being readied. The collection of these data will have a direct impact on social and individual activities.

If these kinds of information, including those owned by government agencies, can safely be used, significant improvements to social services, disaster mitigation, environmental monitoring and medical care can be expected.

Further, these technologies will have a direct impact in the creation of new business opportunities in Japan, which in-turn will provide an increase in economic activities.

JIPDEC is proposing the future social framework through planning the design of the digital economy and community, in cooperation with private enterprises, government agencies, and academia.

Safety, security, trustability and ease of use are some of the issues facing today’s network society. JIPDEC is committed to enhancing the network society, and is addressing these issues through a trio of important projects.

First, the JCAN project aims to promote a certificate for individuals within an organization.

Next, the ROBINS project is ready to expand dissemination activities aimed at users with a concrete business model moving towards full-fledged operation.

Finally, in the area of personal information management service, JIPDEC is promoting the PS-Agent project, demonstrating those practices in Japan, and following international activities related to the protection of personal information.

These three projects form the basis of the "An Shin Kan (安信簡)" project. In English "An Shin Kan" means an "Environment for Safety, Security, Trustability, Ease, and Convenience (ESSTEC).”

Main Activities


Infrastructures for Utilizing Digital Information

  1. Next Generation Infrastructures for Utilizing Digital Information
  3. Infrastructure for Electronic Records Management
  5. Trends and Research for New Systems and Technologies to Use Digital Information
  7. Procedures for the Registration of Digital Information
  9. Standardization relating to Digital Information
     ・International Standardization of Methods for Anti-Counterfeiting
      Tracking and Tracing(ISO/TC247,ISO/PC246)
     ・Geographic information/Geomatics (ISO/TC211)
       PI (Place Identifier Architecture)

Environment for Safety, Security, Trustability, Ease, and Convenience (ESSTEC) for a networked society

  • JCAN Project
  • ROBINS Project
  • PS-Agent Project


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