Proceedings of the FGCS

Table of Contents

- Cover Sheet
- First Page
- Preface (S. Uchida and K. Fuchi) pdf pdf(in Japanese)
- Evaluation Workshop Program pdf pdf(in Japanese)
- Summary of the Workshop in Japanese pdf
- Reports and OHP for the Presentations
1. Report and OHP (W. Bibel) pdf
2. Report and OHP (K. L. Clark) pdf
3. Report and OHP (R. J. Feldmann) pdf
4. Report (H. Gallaire) pdf
5. Report and OHP (G. Kahn) pdf
6. Report and OHP (M. A. McRobbie) pdf
7. Report (A. Michard) pdf
8. Report (R. A. Overbeek) pdf
9. Report and OHP (E. Shapiro) pdf
10. Report and OHP (R. L. Stevens) pdf
11. Report (M. E. Stickel) pdf
12. Report and OHP (S. Haridi & S. Sundström) pdf
13. Report and OHP (S-A Tärnlund) pdf
14. Report(E. Tick) pdf
15. Report and OHP (D. H. D. Warren) pdf
16. Special Remarks (Y. T. Chien) pdf
17. Special Report (P. Treleaven) pdf
18. Special Report(in Japanese) (P. Treleaven) pdf

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