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 The ECOM was dissolved on March 31,2010.
 This web site remains as an archive, however no updates will be made.
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Press Release

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Activities Start toward the Standardization of Long-Term Digital Signature Format Profile
~ Launching the JIS Draft preparation in cooperation with ETSI/ESI


Activity Report: "Proposals to Reduce the Administrative Procedures of Companies"
~ Improving the Efficiency of Administrative Procedures is the Key to the Diffusion of Electronic Applications


Results of  "Interoperability Test of Long Term Digital Signature Format Profile" will be presented on December 16, 2005


Survey on Needs for Retirement Procedures
~ Proposals to e-Governments on How to Deal with the 2007 Issues


ECOM Completed Long-term Digital Signature Format Profile, and Recruitment of Participating Companies in an Interoperability Test Starts
~ List of Products that Passed the Interoperability Test to be Released this Fall~


"Long-Term Digital Signature Format Profile”Completed, Feedback-Gathering Starts
~ List of Products that Passed Interoperability Test to be Released this Fall~


Launch of a Project to Develop Standard on Product Data Quality (PDQ)
~ Development of PDQ standard Approved as ISO New Work Item~


The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, ECOM and the NTT Data Institute of Management Consulting Jointly Conduct “Survey on Actual Condition and Market Size of Electronic Commerce for 2004”
(Information Economy Outlook 2005)


ECOM Starts the activity to implement Interoperability Tests on Products in Long-Term Digital Signature Format
~ A List of Products that Passed the Interoperability Test will be released this Fall ~


Activity report: “Ideal Electronic Governments from the Viewpoint of Business Collaboration”
~ Drastic outsourcing of administrative affairs to the private sector is the key to successful electronic governments ~

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