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April 28,2005
ECOM News No. 1

On April 1, 2005, the Next Generation Electronic Commerce Promotion Council of Japan Takes Off!
Invitation for Participation in Working Groups for FY 2005
Participation in the 8th China International E-Commerce Conference and the holding of a trilateral meeting of the Electronic Commerce Associations of Japan, China and South Korea
Announcement of the “ECOM Forum 2005” (to be held on June 9, 2005)
ECOM Press Release

On April 1, 2005, the Next Generation Electronic Commerce Promotion Council of Japan Takes Off!
Mr.Goto, Representative of the Organizing Committee, chaired the Inaugural General Meeting.

On March 24, 2005, the inaugural General Meeting of the Next Generation Electronic Commerce Promotion Council of Japan (Chairman: Takuya Goto, Chairman of the Board of Kao Corporation, Vice Chairman: Tsutomu Kanai, Chairman of the Board and Director of Hitachi, Ltd.) and the establishment celebration party were held with the attendance of many guests, including Mr. Masakazu Toyota, Director-General of the Commerce and Information Policy Bureau, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and Mr. Yoichi Kato, Director of the Information Technology & Economy Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. The Next Generation Electronic Commerce Promotion Council of Japan (ECOM) started activities on April 1.
The Next Generation Electronic Commerce Promotion Council of Japan (ECOM) will take over the accumulated achievement of the Electronic Commerce Promotion Council of Japan, such as the establishment of rules for electronic commerce with a sense of security, proposals on relevant matters to the government, and international standardization activities based on user needs. The new organization will make efforts not only to resolve problems crucial for the utilization of RFID tags, including traceability systems, such as interoperability relating to inter-company and inter-industry information sharing as well as globalization, but also to carry out development and promotion activities for EC and to improve the EC environment so that all kinds of economic entities, including the general consumers and companies, can make use of EC with a sense of security. Based on these efforts, it aims to develop the utilization of IT in Japan into a new stage ahead of the world.

Activities of the Next Generation Electronic Commerce Promotion Council of Japan and the Secretariat
The Council consists of board members, regular A&B members and special members (as of April 28, 2005. 150 companies/groups, including 24 board members, 44 regular A members, 80 regular B members and 2 special members). The Secretariat in charge of the operation of the Council consists of approximately 40 staff (including approximately 20 research directors). Based in the Kikai Shinko Kaikan (3F) in front of Tokyo Tower, we promote all kinds of activities of working groups and task forces in cooperation with the member companies and organizations of the Council. We also hold seminars for members and dispatch lecturers, as well as release information by means of the website of ECOM, the ECOM Forum 2005, ECOM News, and others.

The Organization outline

Mr. Toyota, Director-General of the Commerce and Information Policy Bureau, METI, delivered an opening address at the party.
The organization of the Council is as follows: General Meeting, Board of Directors, Planning Committee, Secretariat as a base for supporting activities of the Council, as well as Special Committee on RFID Tags/Traceability, EC Safety & Security Group, IT Utilization Group, Technological Infrastructure Development Group, International Relations Group, Public Relations Group, General Affairs Section and Accounting Section. The Council will develop activities by positioning the RFID Tags/Traceability Group as Special Committee and organizing four working groups and one liaison meeting.
Electronic tags are expected to play a wide range of roles in electronic commerce. If the business environment that enables the identification and management of individual products is improved (by means of the introduction of RFID tag technology) as leverage for the next generation electronic commerce, companies will be able to implement meticulous supply chain management, which was thought to be impossible in the past. Meanwhile, consumers will be able to obtain more detailed and highly accurate product information. In addition, new possibilities will emerge in product lifecycle management that will contribute to environmental protection and the effective utilization of resources.

Relationship with related organizations
The Council is a private voluntary organization in which the Electronic Commerce Promotion Center (ECPC) of the JIPDEC serves as the Secretariat. With the aim of implementing seamless inter-company information sharing based on RFID tags, the Council will develop activities by cooperating with the Japan Electronic Data Interchange Council (JEDIC), the Japan PKI Forum (PKI-J), the Japan Electronic Signature and Authentication Partnership (JESAP), the Council of Anti Phishing Japan and other similar organizations, and by strengthening its partnership with the Distribution Systems Research Institute.

ECOM operates with your support from a great number of companies and organizations including the following board members:
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd/ Denso Wave Incorporated/ Fuji Electric Holdings Co., Ltd./ Fujitsu Limited/ Global Friendship, Inc./ Hitachi, Ltd./ Itoham Foods Inc./ Kao Corporation/ Komatsu Ltd./ Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd./ Mitsubishi Electric Corp./ Mitsubishi Research Institute/ Mitsui Global Strategic Studies Institute/ Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd./ Mizuho Information & Research Institute, Inc/ NEC Corporation/ Nihon Unisys, Ltd./ Nomura Research Institute, Ltd./ NTT Data Corporation/ Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd./ The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc/ Tokyo Electric Power Company/ Toshiba Corporation/ Toyota Motor Corporation
(24 companies Annual Membership fee: 3 million yen As of April 28, 2005)

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Invitation for Participation in Working Groups for FY 2005
The Next Generation Electronic Commerce Promotion Council of Japan (ECOM) formulates activity directions and themes in the Planning Committee and organizes working groups (WGs) clustered by each theme, which is mainly comprised of participants from the board members and regular A members. The working groups exchange specific information, conduct surveys on areas to be promoted, make proposals to related organizations, and carry out some independent activities. Information about the results of WG activities is released first to ECOM members by means of ECOM News, ECOM forums, ECOM seminars and activity reports.
This is the first year of the new ECOM. A meeting of the Planning Committee, which consists of board members and special members, was held on April 26, in which the members discussed specific contents of WG activities in accordance with the implementation structure that was approved in the inaugural General Meeting on March 24.
The WGs will be open for applications from May 18 to May 25. The details will be sent to you and will also be released on the website of ECOM ( after the second meeting of the Planning Committee (scheduled on May 13) is held. We hope for your active participation for the purpose of the development of the next generation electronic commerce. Thank you for your understanding in advance that, for the purpose of developing more fruitful WG activities, some WGs have enrollment limits and preconditions for joining.

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Participation in the eighth China International Electronic Commerce Conference and the holding of a trilateral meeting of the Electronic Commerce Associations of Japan, China and South Korea

For the purpose of advancing the utilization of RFID tags and EC, ECOM is engaged in developing international cooperation activities with EC promotion organizations in China, Taiwan, and other countries as well as the Japan-Korea EC Promotion Council. As part of these activities, Eiji Hamanaka, Secretary-General of ECOM, and Kojun Matsumoto, Research Director (International Relations Group), participated in the above-mentioned conference and meeting. Participation reports by Kojun Matsumoto, Research Director, are as follows.

[Participation in the 8th China International E-Commerce Conference]
The above-mentioned conference was held on April 17-18, 2005, in the Beijing International Conference Center, Beijing, China. After an opening speech by Ms. Song Ling, Conference Chairwoman and Chairwoman of the China E-Commerce Association (CECA), speeches were made by Mr. Jiang Zhenghua, Vice-Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, as well as Vice Director of the National Development and Reform Commission, a representative of the Ministry of Information Industry, the Deputy Mayor of Beijing City, and representatives of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Commerce and other similar organizations.

From foreign countries, representatives of the U.S. Commercial Service and Korea CALS/EC Association (KCALS) made speeches, and from Japan, Eiji Hamanaka, Secretary-General of the Next Generation Electronic Commerce Promotion Council of Japan (ECOM), made a speech as a representative.
From left to right: Mr. Kim, Vice-Chairman of KCALS, Ms. Song, Chairwoman of CECA, and Hamanaka, Secretary-General of ECOM
Participants were highly interested in this conference because it was the first electronic commerce (EC) conference after the law concerning electronic signatures became effective in April in China. Ms. Song, Chairwoman, expressed a hope for future EC development, a resolution for strongly developing promotional activities for this purpose, and an expectation for great contributions from Japan, China and South Korea, based on cooperative relationship. In this conference, forums including many presentations were held according to themes, such as technological innovation in EC, Chinese economy and EC, EC-related laws and regulations, and EC and network security. Approximately 30 EC-related companies put their products/services on display.

[Trilateral Meeting of the Electronic Commerce Associations of Japan, China and South Korea]
On April 18, in the above-mentioned conference place, a meeting was held to advance future cooperative activities of the Electronic Commerce Council of Japan, China and South Korea. Attendees were as follows: Ms. Song, Chairwoman of the China E-Commerce Association (CECA), Mr. Kim, Vice-Chairman of the Korea CALS/EC Association (KCALS), Eiji Hamanaka, Secretary-General, the Next Generation Electronic Commerce Promotion Council of Japan (ECOM), and Kojun Matsumoto, Research Director, ECOM. In addition, as other concerned parties, CECA-affiliated electronic commerce organizations in Wuhan, Hangzhou, Hebei Province and Tsingtao participated in the meeting and demonstrated their willingness to advance cooperative relations with Japan and South Korea in the future.
At the meeting, the attendees built consensus on the following future cooperative activities: the holding of conferences and lecture meetings relating to electronic signature and authentication in China, information exchange for the development of human resources to be engaged in electronic commerce, mutual cooperation in the exchange of technological information in relation to RFID and other similar issues, the preparation of publicity brochures on a joint basis for the development of EC, etc.
Finally, an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) was concluded to promise the future cooperative activities of the three organizations, and the meeting was closed.

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"Announcement of the “ECOM Forum 2005”
The “ECOM Forum 2005” will be held to report activity results of the “Electronic Commerce Promotion Council of Japan (ECOM)” for the final year (2004) and to explain the activity policies of the new organization, the “Next Generation Electronic Commerce Promotion Council of Japan (ECOM).” We will present the latest trend relating to the electronic commerce environment. If you are interested in this area, please actively participate in the forum.

Date: June 9 (Thursday), 2005
Place: Toshi Center Hotel (2-4-1, Hirakawa-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
Details of the program and application for participation will be released on the website, etc., as soon as they are determined.

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ECOM Press Release
Activity report: “Ideal Electronic Governments from the Viewpoint of Business Collaboration”
- Drastic outsourcing of administrative affairs to the private sector is the key to successful electronic governments. -(Announced on April 19, 2005)
Details: (in Japanese)
Outline: The “e-Government & Business Collaboration WG” (for 2004) of the Electronic Commerce Promotion Council of Japan (ECOM) prepared this activity report. In this report, electronic governments and municipalities that are “useful” for businesses are examined, based on all kinds of case examples. In addition, proposals are made on the ideal use of electronic governments, based on fact-finding hearing surveys concerning relations between businesses and electronic governments, problems with application procedures and other similar issues.

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From the Secretary-General

I was appointed as the Secretary-General of the Next Generation Electronic Commerce Promotion Council of Japan (ECOM). I sincerely ask for continued support of member companies and relevant organizations. This year marks 6th year-operation of ECOM, including the period of the former ECOM, and, going back further in the history, the 14th year-activities in this field including EDI standardization which ECOM’s predecessor, the defunct Center for the Informatization of Industry (JIPDEC/CII) aimed to promote. During this transition period from EDI and CALS to EC, I am always surprised at amazing innovations in common infrastructure technologies as typified by the Internet and the marvelous improvement in legal systems for the development of EC.
The new organization marks the third start of ECOM. The activity period is three years. Under the leadership of Mr. Goto, Chairman (Kao), and Mr. Kanai, Vice Chairman (Hitachi), all the members of the Secretariat, including research directors, will make efforts to accomplish the end desired. Your continued support would be most appreciated.


ECOM News No. 1

Issue Date: April 28, 2005
Issuer: Next Generation Electronic Commerce Promotion Council of Japan
Kikai Shinko Kaikan Bldg 3F  
3-5-8, Shibakoen, Minato-ku Tokyo 105-0011, Japan
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